Atkore International is proud to present BIM families available to design professionals. These families and models are free to download once you create an account and log in.

What are BIM models?
BIM stands for “building information modeling”. BIM is an intelligence based 3D model software system used for planning, designing, construction, and management of infrastructures, buildings and sites. What makes BIM different from other 3D modeling software is the intelligence factor. BIM objects are populated with information such as manufacturer, part numbers, UPC codes, size, type and color. Besides the availability of information, clash detection and reduction in cost are some other benefits of BIM.

BIM has become a popular tool in the construction industry. A report on shows that over 74% of contractors used BIM in 2013 compared to 21% in 2007. A recent survey shows that 90% of mechanical engineers working for large corporations and 50% of mechanical engineers working for smaller firms use BIM. By making these models available to architects, engineers and contractors we are positioning ourselves to grow with the industry and meet emerging trends.

Eastern Wire + Conduit

Konkore Fittings


Metal Framing

Channel Sections

Closure Strips and End Caps


1 5/8" Metal Framing

Channel Sections

Closure Strips and End Caps

Post Bases

Special Application Fittings